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Volunteer Position Available
Party President

The Party President chairs meetings of the Executive Committee, the Management Committee, the Convention and the General Council and is an ad hoc member of all committees, commissions and other bodies of the Party and may, at his or her discretion, attend all their meetings. He or she represents the Party to its members and third parties and perform other duties assigned by the Executive Committee or the Management Committee, as appropriate. The Party President takes the steps necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee, and that staff and volunteer members holding positions in the Party, implement resolutions and other decisions of the Executive Committee and the Management Committee as well as guidelines and programs of the Party in general.

Application deadline: October, 21th, 2022, at 5 pm.


N.B.: Our open and rigorous process for finding talent encourages gender parity in all of the Party’s bodies.

Profile requirements:

  • Experience managing a large organization and managing personnel;

  • Good knowledge of the Party, its culture and its structure, an asset;

  • Experience with recruitment and fundraising;

  • Experience working with a board of directors;

  • Excellent communicator;

  • Readily available;

  • Good teamwork and mobilization skills;

  • Demonstrate autonomy and conscientiousness in the exercise of their responsibilities;

  • Possess a strategic vision;

  • Excellent judgment and sense of ethics;

  • Good knowledge of French and English (spoke and written).

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