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Volunteer Position Available
President of the Seniors Committee

The Seniors Committee has the mandate to ensure that seniors participate in the political action of the Party. Click here to learn more.

Application deadline:  Friday, June 11th, at 5 pm. 


Our open and rigorous process for finding talent encourages gender parity in all of the Party’s bodies.

President of the Seniors Committee

The role of President of the Seniors’ Committee is to preside over and coordinate the committee’s work and sit on the Party’s Management Committee

Profile required:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Party;

  • Have a marked interest for the issues that affect Quebec's senior citizens;

  • Have strong aptitudes for team work, delegating and mobilizing;

  • Be readily available;

  • Have good knowledge of the Party, its culture and its structure;

  • Have strong writing skills.

The mission

  • To guarantee the presence of members 65 years of age and older within each and every Party institution;

  • To coordinate the action of the representatives of other Party institutions who are 65 years of age and older;

  • To confer upon these representatives the mandate of ensuring that issues of importance to seniors are taken into account in the deliberations of the institutions in which they serve;

  • To coordinate the organization of province-wide activities having particular relevance to this clientele.

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