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Volunteer Position Available
President of the Legal Committee

The Legal Committee is responsible for drafting bylaws, resolutions, regulations and legal documents as part of the Party’s proper functioning, as well as contributing to their dissemination. Click here to learn more.

Application deadline:  Friday, June 11th, at 5 pm. 


N.B.: Our open and rigorous process for finding talent encourages gender parity in all of the Party’s bodies.

President of the Legal Committee

The role of President of the Legal Committee is to preside over and coordinate the committee’s work, to sit on the Party’s Management Committee and Executive Committee and to act as a liaison between the head office and the Legal Committee.

Profile required:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Party;

  • Be a member of the Barreau du Quebec;

  • Be accessible and available;

  • Be knowledgeable about the Party, its culture and its structure;

  • Be familiar with the Elections Act.

The mission:

  • Advise the Party on matters pertaining to the Elections Act, related laws and on all legal matters, generally speaking;

  • Propose individuals who are apt to preside over deliberative assemblies during Conventions or General Councils and advise the Party of the related rules;

  • Ensure legal monitoring to support candidates, personnel and volunteers during electoral periods;

  • Coordinate communications with the Director General of Elections and its representatives, and assist the Party in responses to DGEQ questions;

  • Assist with training and providing information to members with respect to the content and application provisions for the Code of Ethics, as well as process all information requests pertaining to this Code;

  • Receive all complaints from members, assess their receivability and create a report for the Ethics Committee;

  • Carry out all other mandates entrusted to it by the Leader, the Executive Committee, the Management Committee, the Director General, the Chief Organizer or other bodies with the Party.

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